Higher Education Institutions / Universities


There are currently seven Universities in Iceland and thereof five which are run by state.

  • In general, for admission to institutions at the higher education level students must have passed the matriculation examination or its equivalent. In some cases applicants with substantial work experience who have not completed their matriculation examination may be admitted. For vocational and technical courses in higher education institutions, practical experience in an appropriate field of study is usually required.
  • All higher education institutions have provisions to set their own admission criteria. Admission may also be granted to students who have completed studies abroad which ensure sufficient preparation for university studies and are equivalent to the Icelandic matriculation examination. Institutions of higher education may also grant admission to students who have completed other studies in Iceland.
  • Please note that more extensive information is available on the websites of the individual universities in addition to application forms, fees, curriculums, deadlines and admission qualifications.
  • There are no tuition fees at state-run universities, only registration fees. Privately run universities charge tuition fees. Students attending universities are eligible for student loans from the Icelandic Student Loan Fund. Repayments commence two years after completion or discontinuation of studies.
  • In accordance with the EEA Agreement, individuals from the European Union member states and the EEA-EFTA countries, who have worked at their trade or profession in Iceland for at least one year, are entitled to apply for a loan.
  • Students from the Nordic countries, who are permanent residents in Iceland and are registered at an Icelandic institution of higher education, are also eligible for student loans if they are not supported financially by their own country.
  • The Icelandic Student Loan Fund may grant loans to other foreign students if reciprocity agreements have been concluded between their countries of origin and Iceland.
  • Information for foreign students about most things concerning university studies in Iceland  can be found on the website Study in Iceland. The information is in English. 

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