Financial Aid


  • The municipality is bound to provide their residents with assistance so that they do not find themselves in a position of not being able to cope with their affairs. The municipal social services committee (félagsmálanefnd) sees to the implementation of these social services and is legally bound to provide advice.
  • Individuals undergoing difficulties should contact their municipality with requests for help before going anywhere else. If their application is rejected, they may challenge the verdict to the social services ruling committee within four weeks from the date of the verdict.
  • Those individuals that do not have the right to financial aid may seek assistance from other parties or organizations (see the list below)
  • A resident of the municipality is one that has his legal domicile within the municipality regardless of his nationality. Foreign citizens have the same rights as Icelanders to social services ( as long as their legal domicile is within the municipality ) Everyone that has lived in Iceland or is intending to do so for six months or longer must have legal domicile here.
  • Foreign citizens needing financial help or social assistance and who have not legal domicile in Iceland are advised to look to their embassy or consul for help.