• A special work permit is not required for citizens within the EEA.
  • Non-EEA citizens must have been issued a work permit before entering Iceland. The first permit is always temporary and is granted to a foreigner but tied to a specific employer. The work permit must be granted before the applicant starts working. See information about work permit here
  • Employers apply for work permits, not individual employees.
  • Workers in Iceland have the same rights regarding wages and other benefits negotiated by the parties to the labour market.
  • It is unauthorised in Iceland to negotiate worse terms than general wage contracts provide.

Important to note

  • That wages are in accordance to wage contracts.
  • That work hours are not longer than permissible by law and wage contracts.
  • That leave is paid in accordance with law and wage contracts.
  • That wages are paid for sickness or injuries.
  • That you receive a payslip when wages are paid.
  • That an employer pays taxes on your wages.
  • That your employer pays dues to pension funds and unions.

In general

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Wages and related issues

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